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Transfer Contacts To iPhone Without iTunes

Having an iphone must be an attractive thing, but you may account some problems when using it, for example, you may want to transfer contacts to your iphone without itunes but do not know how to. Well, go through this post and you would pull yourself from such situation with ease. This tutorial would let you transfer contacts to iPhone without iTunes installed on your computer. Interesting.

1. First thing that you need to do is copy all the contacts to your computer in the form of a vcf file and copy it to your computer
2. vcf format is nothing but V card of the contacts that you want on your iPhone
3. Now copy that vcf file to your iPhone and to do that you can either copy it the conventional way or mail it to yourself and download the attachment to your computer
4. When you open a vCard on your iPhone it would prompt you if you want to Add All n Contacts wheren stands for the number of contacts.
5. Now let it proceed and all the contacts would be imported to the iPhone straight away

Besides, you can also use a tansee iphone transfer contact discount for help, With it, you can transfer the iPhone contact to computer as a txt file or a ANTC file. Before the transfer, you can choose to transfer all contacts or a single contact. In ANTC file condition, you can protect the file with a password to keep your privacy. With this Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact special offer, you can back up your iPhone contact to PC happier and more receptively.

As an apple fan, you ]may also need the iphone to mac transfer promotion and itunes drm remover.

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Great Tips to Maximize iPad Battery Life

So you’ve got your new iPad and are loving it’s gorgeous Retina Display, right? Well, apart from its ultra-high resolution display, the new iPad also packs a pretty amazing battery. While it takes a little longer to charge than the previous models, it does last longer than the older models too. However, in order to push your device’s average 10-hour battery life to the maximum, we suggest you make these following little adjustments, courtesy of OSX Daily.

1. Lower the Screen Brightness – We discussed this in a recent iPad tips post, but other than being easier on the eyes this will make the single biggest difference in battery life. With how bright the iPad 2 and Pad 3 displays are, you can usually get away with 60% brightness at all times. At night, going down to 30% or 40% brightness or less is easier on the eyes and will conserve even more battery. Access the setting by double-tapping the home button and swiping to the left.

2. Use Airplane Mode – When doing something that doesn’t require internet access, turning on AirPlane Mode can save some battery life. Perfect for reading books or doing things on the iPad, and it has the added bonus of preventing internet distractions. Find this in Settings > Airplane Mode

3. Disable Bluetooth – If you aren’t using Bluetooth for an external wireless keyboard or otherwise, keep it disabled

4. Shut off your Wifi and iCloud when not in use

5. Download and watch movies from the iPad itself rather than streaming with YouTube or Netflix, if you want to watch dvd movies on your ipad, you have to convert dvd to ipad supported formats with the help of some tools, such as the [list=]dvd to ipad converter discount[/list], if you are using a mac, then you need the [list=]dvd to ipad converter for mac discount[/list] software. It is too troublesome.

6. Turn Off Notifications – Is it crucial to get a notification every time it’s your turn in Draw Something? Probably not. Disable Notifications for apps you don’t absolutely have to have notifications posted for and you can recoup some battery life. Find this in Settings > Notifications, and disable them.

7. Disable Location Services – Most important for 3G/4G iPads, but you will save battery life even if you just have a Wi-Fi model. Turn these off in Settings > Location Services

8. Disable Diagnostic & Usage Reports – Sending out usage and diagnostic reports helps Apple to make a better iOS experience, but it also causes some minor activity in the background. Disable it for maximum battery conservation. Find this in Settings > General > About > Diagnostic & Usage > Don’t Send

As an apple fun, or if you have any apple device, you may also have other device, if you want to watch your movies downloaded from itunes on your other device, you then have to [list=]remove drm from itunes[/list].

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Make a slideshow for on FaceBook

Have a bunch of photos and you don't know what to do with them? share them with your friends on Facebook? It is a great idea. Because Facebook is the most popular social networking website and allows you to easily share photos and pictures with your friends.

However, have you ever thought of turning these photos and pictures into a slideshow and upload the video to Facebook? it will be a great surprise to your friend, but how to make a slideshow on facebook? we are going to learn here togther.

The first step in making a slideshow, is finding a software program, that is easy to use, and can add music to your slideshow. Well, most computers with windows, have a program called Windows Movie Maker! You can create great slideshows with this program, add music, and even narrate your own words to your slideshow. There are other programs available, but for now, we will concentrate on Windows Movie Maker 2.6, and for ease of writing, from here on will be known as WMM. If you want to make a slideshow on mac, here is a mac slideshow software to help you.

Step 1: Open up WMM, Once you have done this, go to FILE, click, and you will see a box that contains the words, IMPORT INTO COLLECTIONS! Click this, it will open a drop down box, and in there should show a list of places on your computer.Wherever you have placed your pics on your computer, click there, and next, click on the photos you want to import to use for your slideshow! I always hold control and click each pic I want to use. Once you have selected your pics, now click open, and they will appear in WMM. (Don't worry if you forgot one or two, you can always add more pics later)

Step 2: Open up Story board, you can use Timeline, place your pics, left click, and drag your pics to the story board, either way is as good as the other. Don't worry if they aren't placed just the way you wanted them, you can place them in any order you want, just click and drag into the position that suits you!

Tips: about your slideshow, and that is adding titles, and captions to your slideshow. Titles can be added easily, and you have several choices, as where to add them. First, you can add a title to your slideshow! You can click on a clip, then click the following choices, Before selected clip, On selected clip, After selected clip! You can also add credits to the end of your slideshow as well. To add titles, etc. to your slideshow, once again, we go to the TOOLS Tab, and from the drop down box, click, Titles and Credits! It is self explanatory from the choices!

Step 3: Now that your pics, are all loaded onto the story board, you may want to add some video effects! WMM comes loaded with some great effects, to find these effects go to the TOOLS tab, click it, and in the drop down box, click on Video Effects! There are a great many there to play around with! To add a video effect, left click on the effect you want, and drag it to the little box with the star in it, and place it there. This isn't a have to, add, but some of the effects, really add to your slideshow! So go through all your pics, or just some, it is entirely up to you!

Step 4: Adding transitions between your slides! Transitions are what happens between each slide, very similar to effects. Once again, click on the TOOLS tab, from the drop down box, click Video Transitions. There are a wide range of transitions. To add a Video transition, you left click the one you want, and drag it to the box with the arrow in it between your pics. It's just that easy.

If you want to add music to your slideshow, you can follow the following steps.

Step 5: You now want to add music to your slideshow. First, you have to upload the music you want to your computer. Throw a CD into your CD/DVD drive, pick the song, and save it to your Music Files on your hard drive. Now that you have the song you want, once again, you go toIMPORT into Collections, find the song you have placed on your computer, click it, and add it to your Collections! Once you have it there, left click the song, and drag it to the beginning of the timeline. Actually, you can place it anywhere you want on the timeline, but for ease of explanation, we will put it at the beginning of your slideshow! That's it, we have now put together a slideshow. Before we save the slideshow to your computer, because that is what we want to do next, hit play, and give her a try!

Once again, go to your timeline, now, click on the end of the song, and drag it to where your pics stop! That's all there is to it. Now, try playing your slideshow again. Better? The song stops in a stupid place? Well you can LOOP it, that will solve that problem! You can even add more pics, etc., to make it fit the way you want.

Okay, so now you know how to make a slideshow for on Facebook, but you have to put it all together, to create the slideshow, as a file on your computer! Go to the File tab, click Save file, you will be prompted to give it a name, save it. Well, upload your file to YouTube! You will need an account for this, but it is free, doesn't take long to set up, and it's easy!

Once your account is created on Youtube, upload you slideshow, the powers that be, at Youtube, will process your video, once it has finished processing, they will send you an email, telling you it's already to go! They may mention the fact that you have music added that you don't own, but they will look after this little detail for you. Now you are ready to show your friends, the slideshow you made. You simply hit the Share button on Youtube, and there will be icons there, one of which is a FaceBook icon, hit that, and PRESTO< there is your slideshow on FaceBook, for all your friends and family to see!

Sounds exciting? Yes, so, just follow the steps. If you want to make more slideshow for other use, the free slideshow maker here can help you.


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